Planners Koncept  believe that there is a critical need in both architecture and interior design to realize that their roles, methodologies, and service expectations and both  are continually evolving within a shifting history, social, economic, and political culture.

Traditionally, the disciplines of architecture and interior design view themselves as arcdistinctive and singular; being both boundary-tied by professional legislation as well as seeing themselves as offering specialized service roles. This is reinforced by a protective “turf mentality” advanced and guarded by their respective professional and licensed organizations. While the line between services appears simplistically clear to the public—architecture is about mostly the outside of buildings, interior design directs itself to the inside—the complexity of an in-between ‘interior architecture’ obscures this view. What should be clear (and is to a small number of professionals, academics, and journalists) is there is a new set of circumstances in contemporary society that demands a shift in thinking: new problems require new approaches for creative solutions.


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